Tuesday, March 7

Magic Utopia

Keebler has just sent me an e-mail announcing his new blog, Magic Utopia!

You can check it out here: http://magicutopia.blogspot.com/

I especially like his post on Bizarre Magic, seeing as it's the main area I practice in.

Friday, March 3

Lots of thinking...

I've been away for a while thinking about this whole career business.

I'm sure most or some of you have had to make a major career choice or change. I'm stuck with the question: have a secure, rich, but completely boring career that will make me question what useful thing I have done with my life or have an exremely risky, but adventurous career that I will love for the rest of my days?

Here's what I think: I think I still have some thinking to do. This decision is too big to jump into immediately. What do you guys think?

Wednesday, February 22

Homosexuality & Female Magicians

Everyone seems to have strong opinions on homosexuality whether you're for or against. I have nothing against gay people (I, however, personally walk the straight line), but I can't help wonder why they have to be so "gay" about it - you always see gay people running around being all proud, having parades, and wearing rainbows and other such nonsense. Do I go running around yelling "I'm straight! Look at me!"? Do I think I need special treatment and respect because I'm straight? I don't think so.

Can you believe that this relates to magic? Think about it. There are the magicians and then there are the female magicians. The female magicians always jump in to correct someone on being "sexist". And by sexist, I mean the male said he instead of he/she. Or sometimes people will be discussing great magicians past and present and some ho will say "What about the females? They were great too!" We also demand special respect and attention because we're the minority.

The truth is that the general public has never known a great female magician. And just because we're minority doesn't mean we have to act special which, in fact, ends up making us look inferior by making it seem as though we can't be special on our own, but need males to treat us with more respect to make us special.

Men have a right to be sexist because the truth is that most magicians aren't females and we are not equal in power over the magic community just because we're "special".

Have we actually contributed to magic in a smashingly big way? No. Are there females better than the best male magicians? No. So why don't we earn our respect? Good question. I'm not sure.

Friday, February 17

Criss Angel Interview

Criss Angel on the Penn Jilette radio show has cause people to go insanely mad. I didn’t listen to the interview, but I listened to the clip of it.

For season two of Mindfreak, he'll be doing the déjà vu trick again, but this time with a whole family. As an extra piece of news that I don’t think was announced on the radio show (but I’m not sure), Criss will be eating fire. In 2007, he’ll be planted down for a ten year stage show deal on the Las Vegas strip. And who-knows-when, he’ll be debunking psychic frauds on a special called Sucker.

Apparently, the Mindfreak thinks that you have to do fresh shit to be non-hokey. Are you fucking kidding me, you hypocrite? He completely contradicted himself because some of the things he's done has been ripped off of Blaine! For those of you who just did something powerful and hard-hitting from Banachek? Yeah, well, you suck because Criss, the hypocrite, doesn't think you should do anything that’s been done before. But Chwissy, didn't you do the sawing-in-half and metamorphosis on your Mindfreak stage show? “But please, buy my coin in can because you too can be a non-hokey magician like me because I know what’s best for the magic community even though I don’t give a shit about you!”

He continued to be true to his magical arrogant character by making a little joke that completely implied "Blaine who"? What is with him and Blaine? Is Criss mad that Blaine set the way for Criss’ career? He just wants to brush Blaine aside and make him look like crap so that he can appear to be better than him! And it also seems that he thinks that anyone not in the Las Vegas crowd is an unworthy magician. See what a big ego can do to you?

Penn is delusional when he says that he has a connection with the audience. Criss intimidates the crap out of you and makes you feel like he’s this pro with a perfect life, has abilities that took years to master, and never was on the same level as you in the first place.

The whole camera trick issue comes up and finally (hallelujah!) Criss indirectly states that he uses stooges and reveals how he did his déjà vu trick. Penn goes on to say “yeah, you did things the real way…” Which things? What? “…and the harder way.” By harder, he of course meant no camera tricks. No camera tricks doesn’t mean harder - it means not cheating your audience!

Some magicians are not hokey, but the typical magician stereotype is. Criss, instead of calling yourself an illusionist and disassociating yourself from the word magician, why not reinvent it, huh? But I have to admit that most magicians are either clones, flash, or they are hokey because they present magic in a way that you know it’s just a trick and not something more (keep in mind that most magicians are not professional). Guys, don’t go straight-up “this is fake”, but don’t go “I have supernatural powers” either. Let the audience have imagination!

I am not "jealous" of him, nor am I claiming that Criss Angel will burn in hell. This is just my impression of him, be it right or wrong.

What's the moral of the story, kids? Well, this whole thing proves that one reason that magic is screwed up is that we constantly argue.

Get out there and reinvent both the word and the stereotype of magician!

Wednesday, February 15

Magic Idol my ass...

It appears Cowell has indeed gone officially mad with this whole Magic Idol thing. If you haven't heard this already, you're in for a big one.

Simon is executive producing a magic version of American Idol to debut this summer.

Some of you may be sitting there going either "That's great!" or "What's wrong with it? So what?"

Can you imagine how many new magicians there will be once this comes on? Instant magicians, damn it! It'll be Blaine all over again!

And who does Cowell think he is? Some smart person? He certainly doesn't know shit about magic and has no right to jump in and think he's doing us a big favour by making a Magic Idol. It'll ruin magicians who get rejected, and however do a great job, but are too "ugly" or don't have the "right" style. Remember what happens to those singers who don't have the singing style that they're looking for (and yet have the talent)? Rejection, that's what happens. Same with the magicians if Simon gets his way. Ass.

And what happens when someone flashes or does a terrible job on the show? It'll basically fuck your gig chances, so you can wave goodbye to that.

The only good I can possibly see coming out of this is the winner might have actual talent and make magic amazing once again (although I doubt that that magician will have anyone believing in their effects once people see the crap magic done before the winner).

I have a very bad feeling about this.

Tuesday, February 14

What a marvelous day!

In honour of International Get Laid Day, I watched Moulin Rouge - a movie with a really sweet story that, quite sadly, needed early 20th century whores dancing around to make it a big hit.

I just wanted to say that I love you all. Have a happy Valentine's Day! And wear protection, kids!

Sunday, February 12

The State of Magic Today

There's one question in magic that everyone seems to talk about, but yet has no business to exist.

Is magic dying?

First of all, who the hell thought of this question? If you're the bastard who did it, then please e-mail me so that we can arrange a slapping session.

Some magicians say that magic is dying for a number of reasons; no more creativity, David Blaine clones, secrets being spilled like crazy over the internet, and people shouting stooge or camera trick for anything on tv. All of those things are true, but in which way is magic getting hurt by this? Less chance to get a gig? Less payment? I don't think so.

And then, of course, some say magic is flourishing. More people involved, more popular, more movies about it, you get the idea. But in reality, there are just more people on the planet, not more popularity for magic. Makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

So, end of story, right? Wrong.

Pagliacci's post is completely right on target when he says that magic just feeds the ego, doesn't fool most people, and doesn't help people realize that anything is possible. I'm just lucky that I'm a girl so I don't have an ego.

Magic isn't dying, it's just screwed up in the majority of places. But magic is wonderful to perform and still amazes me if someone does a good job. Wouldn't it be great if magic was golden again? I challenge you to try to change magic into being more real, more about the moral behind it, and less about me! me! me!